Untamed Ambition is a developing urban brand label. The company’s founder, Courtney Bell, wanted the brand’s label to capture the fierce ambition and drive of those who change the world.

She came to 17blue® wanting a visual designed to appeal to young adults, young professionals and the wild-at-heart.  She also wanted to incorporate her strong values of family, faith and global awareness.

The creative team worked with Courtney to define her vision and by using positive and negative space thoughtfully, brought the dynamics of her logo and label identity to life.

The brand is due to released its first apparel items in 2015 and 2016.  We’re sure it will make it’s mark on the world in both consciousness and social good.

We’re excited to see UNTAMED AMBITION be released into the wild.


Cindy is the founding President at 17blue Digital Marketing. She's passionate about helping businesses reach their goals and impact their communities.