Digital / Content Marketing

Engage and Accelerate

The digital world adapts quickly. Creating meaningful brand experiences for your customers requires strategies and solutions that are both personalized and adaptable.  You need cross-platform strategies and personalized digital solutions to reach customers at the right time.  You don’t have to navigate it alone.  We’re here to help.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing success relies on good intel and solid strategy.  At 17blue, we work with companies to strongly connect digital initiatives to brand, business and sales goals.  Activities typically include:

  • Conducting Market Research and
    Competitive Analysis
  • Refining Audiences and Personas
  • Goal Setting/Tactic Planning
  • Tracking/Measurement
  • Ongoing Analysis & Adjustment


Targeted, Optimized Content

Quality, optimized content, delivered in a variety of forms across multiple channels is fundamental to your success.  Planning for the best user experience in all devices and platforms is key. Technical optimization is still important, but user engagement and actions carry more weight than ever before.

Our team draws on experience, creativity, data and your brand’s digital strategy to facilitate growth for B2B and B2C companies through content marketing.  From writing blogs and site copy to animating graphics and videography, your content is in good hands with the team at 17blue.

Marketing Automation

Employing automation solutions helps you get the most out of both your content and your advertising budget.

Automating the sales funnel enables smart content delivery, lead scoring, nurturing campaigns and converstion tracking. Users are delivered personalized content at the best time and it’s all monitored and tracked from end-to-end.

Data is used to inform planning, goals and tactics for campaigns, initiatives and all elements of your digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media management and promotion are not silver bullets for business marketing, but they are practical realities for both sales and customer relations. Your customers are online and much of their time is spend in social platforms and image/media sharing platforms.  Next to Google, YouTube and Facebook are two of the largest search engines in the marketplace, even though most people rarely think of them that way.

Social networks have changed how people search, filter, rate, shop and interact with brands. Successful brands engage in conversations that build brand personality, relationships and credibility.  A solid social media strategy effectively guides content creation, content curating, and social engagement to help you convert for ROI in social efforts.

Paid Amplification

Digital promotion is smart for you, but it’s also more intelligent than ever. Marketing technology now allows for specific, sometimes granular targeting for your online advertising campaigns.  This allows targeted paid amplification. By tracking content performance and user engagement across channels, we gather intel that drives successful campaigns through a variety of advertising methods. 

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Marketing,
  • Display Ads (on sites, in games, etc)
  • Social Ads
  • SMS/Text Ads
  • Geo-fencing and more

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is more than sending an email. With the user experience in mind, it’s important to leverage strategies for visual design, messaging, and engagement when planning and executing email marketing campaigns.  Segmenting for relevance and tracking analytics for improvement set a course for brand traction that is long-term and converts.

Our team ensures strategies and tactics are tailored for your brand.  This includes design, copy and visuals that support your brand’s unique value proposition and engage your readers with relevant and timely content.  After that, they track analytics, actions and monitor automation email performance indicators for improvement.

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