Content Still Rules on the Web

In 1996, Bill Gates published the original ‘Content is king’ article.  The economic icon’s objective was to demonstrate the significance of content and how it has great potential to generate real money on the internet.  In today’s marketplace, content continues to surpass other marketing strategies for effective search engine optimization (SEO).  For online entrepreneurs, quality content is the key to leveraging the web for sales leads and income.

To be successful online, your website must attract viewers through search engines.  Having fresh, relevant content is the single most important variable in that process.  Quality content also helps visitors understand the benefits of your product or service.  When written correctly, it is engaging, informative and gives you a “home court advantage” in your field.  Paying attention to content creation promotes a thriving web presence and qualifies your business as an expert in your industry.

The foundation for any successful SEO campaign is to engage visitors with unique, useful, and interesting content.  Specifically, creating good content for your website is original and appeals to your target audience.  Compelling content is what drives the web and ensures that your visitors are accurately informed about your product. It not only keeps them at your site for more than the 4-second first impression, it will keep them coming back.

Quality content achieves three main goals:

  • It engages your readers.
  • It increases search engine rankings and traffic.
  • It promotes the probability of quality link building from other reputable sites.

Still King

A lot has changed on the web.  And it changes quickly.  But relevant, optimized content is what ensures viewers find the products and services they want to purchase.  Using photo and video media in your content is effective for humanizing and marketing your brand.  In fact the trend of using video in websites has taken a sharp rise in recent years and is projected to continue to rise quickly through 2013 and beyond.  Just keep in mind, your text content is what carries the bulk of the weight for Search Engines.  No matter how impressive the video… don’t neglect the page and product text.

A Key-Word of Caution:
Cramming keywords into your text will ruin your SEO campaign.  If your pages are ‘stuffed’ with unnatural use of keywords, it diminishes the search value of your content.  Google and it’s nearest competitors are all savvy to this old black hat trick.  You will actually hurt your own efforts by trying to short cut.

Whether you’re building a new web presence or need to bolster your current one, pay attention to your content.  If you find the time or task daunting, many business owners  consider professional developers and SEO experts to ensure quality code and website content that is relevant and optimized properly.  Just give us a call if you need help.



Cindy is the founding President at 17blue Digital Marketing. She's passionate about helping businesses reach their goals and impact their communities.