“Maintenance” is not usually a word people use to bring excitement when speaking of marketing their new business web sites. Most people think of words and phrases like “fresh and new” “cutting edge” and “out of the box” to get creative juices flowing – anything that is not ordinary to them is more palatable to consider rather than “maintenance’.

However, marketing & sales trends reveal that one of the most important things any business can do is to MAINTAIN their web site. That includes regular updates to the site, additional helpful information, and a blog that has information the reader can enjoy reading.

As a standard practice, take time each month to review your business website, develop fresh content and post relevant blogs on a regular basis. Gain new content from a variety of sources and also from your own business experience. Share the information in a way that is friendly and that helps your readers enjoy getting to know the company they do business with. Blogs and tips help make that happen. By keeping things new and fresh you will not only see an increase in traffic but also an increase in business.

If phone numbers or other contact information changes, be sure to reflect that on the site. Check out e-mail addresses to be sure they are still correct and links to be sure they are not broken. Add and remove photos on a regular basis and include additional media pages when this would better explain your business or service, and especially to offer helpful information to the site visitor. All of these things should become part of your regularly scheduled site maintenance plan.

It may not be the most fun or exciting thing to do, that “maintenance” thing, but if you do it properly you will reap the benefits!

Contributed by:
Lee Donald, President & Founder



Lee is the President and CEO of LeeLogic, Inc.