Impeccable Taste, Ordering and Rewards

The company was created by chef Marie McClellan to blend her culinary skills with her expertise as a nutritionist and her passion for helping others eat and live healthy lifestyles.  The result is a meal that not only delights the senses but fuels the body with proportioned nutrients.  Filling and delicious, each plate is under 600 calories.

Our team worked with Chef Marie to develop a modern, sophisticated look for her brand that would capture the perfect blend of taste and nutrition on a single plate.  Her mission to help others and promote nutrition, combined with a strong desire for an easy-to-use ordering process led to the birth of The Impeccable Plate.

Impeccable Plate Responsive Site for Online Orders

Their custom developed responsive website enables customers to easily place orders online – even in advance.  It also tracks customer rewards, delivery areas, and exportable reporting for the company.  As their business has grown, the company has been able to make adjustments to the website functions and options.

Their Impeccable (and delicious) Plates can be browsed and ordered from any device.  Happy Eating!


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