Some states are still closed. Some, like North Carolina, are beginning a gradual reopening in phases. The looming theme in the news and economy for weeks has been the same: uncertainty. It may feel like eating an elephant, but you can help your employees and clients find renewed confidence in the midst of continuing uncertainty.

Be Honest

The truth is the world has always been an uncertain place. Own it. Embrace it. Share it. No one in the history of humanity has ever had the power to control everything. But that’s ok. We do have control over how we react and how we work together to increase our resiliency. Don’t deny the obvious impacts of uncertain times. And don’t over-react. Take care of yourself and the individuals around you. Be the voice of balance and encouragement they need in a time of crisis.

Be Calm and Decisive

Make the calls that need to be made. Clear, timely action and value-based decision making demonstrate confidence. They also inspire it. Waffling in the face of danger or looming uncertainty creates confusion and will likely fracture a team under stress. You can’t guarantee outcomes or predict the future, but you can face each new day, variable, or decision with decisiveness. Your calm demeanor will help your team, clients and community follow your lead.

Deal with Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

There are going to be fires to put out today. Changing and unplanned circumstances will create some crisis moments for everyone. Deal with today’s challenges today, but don’t neglect to talk about and plan for tomorrow. During times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to keep a positive future in mind. Work with your team to plan for your next breakthrough and milestones. Communicate this with your entire company and your clientele. Your customers are under stress, too. Knowing you have a plan for a positive and prosperous future inspires everyone around you to hope and regain confidence. Yes, today is challenging, but tomorrow is coming. Focus there, anticipate the challenges you can and be ready.

Value What is Good

You got into business for good reasons. You want to help others, solve problems, create jobs, give back. Keep your values front and center as you work your life, your employees and your customers through this challenging time. Times of crisis bring out the best in folks. Celebrate the good that is happening in the middle of the uncertainty. Help your team find ways to contribute and make a difference for others. Use this time to connect with others as human beings. We are all in this together and we’ll all come through it better, together.

Become a Minimalist

Simplify. Reduce clutter and complexity to streamline anywhere you can. This frees up your time, energy and focus, so you can deal with today and plan for tomorrow more effectively. Reducing the volume of products, steps or systems in your organization is helpful now and may reveal better strategies for the future. Be creative in working through options and solutions. And remember, this is a great time to have less on your plate and everyone else’s, too.

Keep Communicating

Don’t withdraw from communication with your leadership team, your employees or your customers. This is not the time to “run silent, run deep.” Your voice of calm, decisive reason is an anchor for your organization and your audience in times of uncertainty. Keep listening and keep talking about your responses to today’s challenges and your plans for tomorrow. Celebrate the little successes along the way. Talk about your values and why you are still serving others. Communicate through the adaptations and improvements that can come from these challenges. Let them hear you talking – calmly, consistently and decisively. They may not remember everything you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.

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Cindy is the founding President at 17blue Digital Marketing. She's passionate about helping businesses reach their goals and impact their communities.