SMS marketing helps you reach customers directly and communicate easily for sales and service. if you’re new to SMS Marketing, this post will share three top recommendations for SMS/MMS delivery services. You may also want to read What is Mobile Marketing? and How to Use SMS for Your Business.

3 Top SMS Tools for Small Business Marketing


Slick offers a comprehensive text message marketing solution that’s easy for small businesses to implement. It’s fairly priced with plans starting at just $29/month. It’s dashboard is user-friendly and it offers tools that make it easy for small businesses to create and send text message campaigns. It offers complete analytics and features like:

  • contact management tools
  • text to join
  • double opt-in
  • scheduling
  • drip campaigns
  • content management tools
  • drip campaigns
  • SMS surveys
  • personalization
  • MMS messaging
  • self-cleaning lists
  • mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • and more.


SalesMsg is ideal for small, local businesses who want to branch out into SMS and MMS marketing. Their flexible and easy-to-use platform lets you manage and send texts from your desktop computer. Pricing starts as low as $35/month and includes many features like:

  • unlimited users/contacts
  • 2-way texting
  • text enable your landline
  • upload contacts
  • double opt-in
  • personalize messages
  • track message campaign performance
  • 1-click template responses
  • after-hours auto reply
  • segmented contacts
  • private conversations
  • integrate with calendars and many 3rd party solutions
  • message scheduling
  • emojis and more.


ShoutOut offers a user-friendly platform for business owners. Their pricing model is based on buying and using credits for blocks of messages. Pricing starts at $10 for 1,000 credits. ShoutOut send through SMS, email, WhatsApp and Messenger. It offers API integration options and features like:

  • user-friendly platform
  • campaign analytics
  • contact management
  • customer segmentation
  • personalization
  • triggered & automated messages
  • contact import
  • message templates
  • and more.

SMS marketing helps you reach customers directly and communicate in a method that’s easy for them. This reduces friction in both sales and customer service. SMS marketing is a powerful tool to add to your marketing toolkit. You can explore these three platforms and many others online to select the platform that best meets your marketing needs and your budget. Remember to check out best practices and legal considerations for SMS/MMS marketing in our article: How to Use SMS for Your Business.


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