As one might expect, Beacon Baptist Church is great at casting a vision for the future.  As their name suggests, they’re a source of light and hope based in the Raleigh NC area.  Their large and growing church is clearly focused on their purpose:

The mission of Beacon Baptist Church is to help you:
CONNECT with God biblically
GROW in Christ accordingly
SERVE others willingly
GO with the gospel passionately

Beacon's Old LogoWhen they retained the services of 17blue®, Beacon Baptist Church already offered options like online sermons and giving.  But the church’s logo and website were both lagging behind visually.

Our design team was asked to help the ministry refresh their brand visuals and assets to accurately reflect the character and vitality of the church’s growing community.  The goal was to develop a more relevant look while maintaining continuity with the existing colors and theme. The result (shown at top of page) is a strong, modern logo that is true to both the character and the historical colors of the ministry.

Screenshot of the Beacon Baptist Church Website

The image above shows a screenshot of the Beacon Baptist Church Website with the new logo and design applied.




Andrew is a designer and developer. He excels in working with brand identities and visual design.