Have you been in business for 1 year? … or 5, 10 or 20? Maybe you’ve completed 1000 projects? or 100,000 sales? This may be the perfect time for a Milestone Makeover.  You can turn your milestone into a great opportunity for increased exposure by timing key changes to coincide with it.

Often companies, who have invested time, money, and sometimes blood, sweat & tears into a particular brand or image… are reluctant when it’s time to consider an updated look.  But milestones can be the best opportunities to make changes safely, effectively, and with great results.  By targeting your efforts and timing releases, you can create lots of positive attention for your brand and business.

Recently, our company began preparing for a milestone makeover of our own.  We have been in business in Jacksonville for 10 years and had been operating with the same branding since our opening in 2000.  During the creative planning for our upcoming Anniversary Event, we realized that our company image really needed to be updated.

Using an anniversary or other milestone, you can refresh branding for your company or product at a logical and pivotal time. Your clientele will embrace changes more easily at a milestone than any other time.

Take time to evaluate… Your branding may need a makeover.  Your company website may be out of date due to changes in design or marketing trends, technology changes, or SEO needs.  Maybe it’s as simple as refreshing the colors of a marketing campaign.   Consult your marketing professional if you’re not sure your current branding still connects with your target market and translates to sales for you.

You have an ideal reason to celebrate.  It’s the perfect time to make needed changes.  Make your milestone an opportunity.  It may just be time for a makeover!

UPDATE:  In 2013 & 2014, we expanded our agency capabilities, staff and partners.  By 2017, our digital agency had completely out-grown the original name and look.  With this came another “Milestone Makeover” for our company – a BIG one.  We changed our name and on our 17th anniversary, we unleashed 17blue Digital Agency.

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Cindy is the founding President at 17blue Digital Marketing. She's passionate about helping businesses reach their goals and impact their communities.