When was the last time you were handed a business card that was so interesting you couldn’t throw it away?

The rectangular business card has been the most common shape because of its ease to store in a wallet. With each passing year, the stacks of business cards start to blend together… all the same boring rectangle.

For some companies, a traditional rectangle may be needed, but what if it didn’t have to be that way anymore?

Shape Things Up

Creating a business card with a different shape makes your card and your company more memorable. If you own a landscaping company, why not make your business card the shape of a leaf?  Your company is unique; your business cards can be too.

A new shape can be fun and attention grabbing; but if you prefer the standard rectangle, make it memorable. One way to accomplish this is to make your card multi-functional, or unique enough to grab and hold the attention of the person receiving it.  Some business cards perform unique dual functions like a chemical test strip or as a bottle opener or a cheese grater. Your goal is to get people to keep your business card and remember your company name.


A unique business card makes a stronger first impression and has a better chance of being kept, shown to others, and starting conversations.  The possibilities are virtually endless for impressive business cards today.  Some are made of metal, others plastic, and some are even edible.

First impressions are important.  When a prospect walks away with your business card, make sure your card stands out and is so interesting they just can’t throw it away.



Victoria Owen enjoys reading, writing and curating content for audiences.