Minimalism is modern design style that’s been going strong for over 60 years. It’s still a favorite and it’s found renewed interest in interior design, fine art and graphic design alike. Minimalist design is a visual expression of a quintessential “less is more” philosophy. It’s uncluttered, elegant and timeless.

By reducing visual distractions and keeping white space (empty space), minimalist designs create a clear focus on the message that is front and center. White or neutrals are often dominant colors, but it’s really more about the number of elements you use than the color you choose. Selecting limited, clean fonts and keeping only the bare essentials in imagery sets you up for success in a minimalist graphic design.

Here are 9 rules for minimalist graphic design to keep in mind for your next branding initiative, website or any design.

9 rules for minimalist graphic design
source: https://go17blue.com/9-rules-for-minimalist-graphic-design/

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