Facebook has introduced a number of changes to nonprofit pages which enable organizations to raise money on the platform itself. While a number of non-profits have already stated making use of these tools and facilities to support the causes that they are involved with, many nonprofits are still in the dark about these new tools released by Facebook.

Earlier, business tools were available for commercial businesses alone, and the introduction of business tools for nonprofits can be of great help to nonprofits. So, what exactly are the fundraising features Facebook has introduced?

  1. Apply through a three-step process
    Nonprofits that want to qualify for the fundraiser tools have to register through a three-step process to confirm the nonprofit’s legitimacy. Facebook keeps a track of the nonprofits through Guidestar, which maintains records of all nonprofits in the US. The Facebook team is now working on partnering up with a similar database on an international level so that the tools can be made available for nonprofits all over the world.
  2. People can donate to your nonprofit by the click of a button
    Facebook will allow you to place a ‘donate’ button on your Facebook page, through which interested people can easily give to your organization. This makes things a whole lot simpler.  In the past, a donor would have to leave Facebook and donate through another means or contact you directly.  The hope is that easier donation processes mean greater support for nonprofit organizations.
  3. You can start fundraiser campaigns
    Apart from the general donation option, you can also raise funds for particular projects by starting a fundraiser on your page.  Friends and acquaintances can share this fundraiser, widening awareness and giving opportunities.
  4. Tracking payments is easier
    Not only are all the fundraisers that you started featured on your nonprofit page, but your donors are sent receipts, and can even track the history of their donations and payments to your organization or cause.

In a world where social consciousness drives nonprofit support and charitable giving, it’s good to see a social media platform making it easier for nonprofit organizations to connect with supporters and streamline giving options.  Make sure your favorite nonprofit or cause is aware of these new options and implements them to grow support online.



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