An article by student intern, Rebecca Barnes.

A brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of customers and it’s crucial to a business’s success today and tomorrow. Beyond a memorable name and logo, a well-developed brand increases the value of a company and its offerings in the mind of buyers. It can help provide employees with a clear mission and motivation. A strong brand identity makes finding and retaining new customers more attainable.

A Definition: Brand Identity Is…

One of Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets

  • Much of your brand is intangible: an emotion, an impression, a personality. A brand’s reputation, identity and customer expectations combine to make a lasting impression on a customer, influencing their choices in products or services over time.

The Personality of Your Business

  • It is important to keep in mind that your brand’s identity includes your visuals and values.  It’s how you communicate your message and how people feel when they interact with it.

A Promise to Your Customers

  • A brand’s identity becomes a promise to its customers regarding quality, experiences, services and products. A clear brand identity is a crucial asset to your business and customer relations. Make a strong promise and keep it.

The Image You Wish to Portray to the World

  • Brand identity tells the world your purpose.  It provides a beacon for your marketing and guides the creation of great customer experiences.

Benefits of Strong, Recognizable Branding:

A strong brand boosts your business reputation, makes it stand out from competition, and projects the values that attract your ideal clients.  A strong brand identity also builds loyalty and trust. 

Small Business Benefits:

  • Guides advertising
  • Builds trust and a sense of community among brand fans
  • Improves sales and value over time
  • Inspires employees and prospective employees
  • Keeps current customers returning and attract new customers

Steps You Should Take to Create a Brand Identity that Speaks Power:

  1. Carefully consider your brand strategy.
  2. Remember what a brand identity includes and plan for components
  3. Start with your core values.  Why are you doing what your doing? What is your unique value to customers and the world?
  4. Research your audience.  What promise of value can you deliver that will resonate with them?
  5. Build your identity around your values and mission.  This includes visuals, messaging, colors, and more.  Designs and messages should be simple, memorable, versatile and relevant.  They should all help communicate the strong message you wish to send.
  6. Maintain focus by creating a brand style guide.

Tips to Maintaining a Strong, Successful Brand Identity:

  • Keep your values, mission and brand guide at the forefront of all business initiatives. 
  • Remember that ALL customer experiences become part of your brand impression.  Ensure your team is trained and ready to deliver amazing, brand-crafted experiences from the first phone call or website click to after-sale support and care.
  • Develop an internal language that supports the brand voice and mission.  Use that language to connect with your brand fans in person and on every channel. 
  • Know what to avoid – I.E. research!  If there are pitfalls, mark them and help your team avoid them.
  • Monitor your brand experiences to maintain a strong, trusted identity.

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Rebecca is a full-time student with an interest in and passion for design and the fundamentals of business. She hopes to further her career in each of these fields throughout her college experience at East Carolina University.